Welcome you all, I do, to the place where you shall live your life until the next World Cup. Fear not, ickle firsties, for you have found a home away from home. Help you I can, yes. Introduce you to the ways of your new home, I will. For strangers, though you are, you shall not be, soon. Few ways of life that you are going to follow, here are. Read them well, or not, experience them, you will.


1. Adventurous, your life is going to be, at this palace of dreams. Hurry not, for you will find everything you seek, for enough time, there always is.

2. Faster Internet, seek you shall always, for greed knows no limit. Crux of your life, it may become, but let it hinder you not, for better things, there are, to explore.

3. Friends, you will make, and break, and be your support, they shall, through times of need. Pay them back in kind, you should, for empty, life is, without them.

4. Food you may miss, and food you may crave, but worry not, because to the land of Biryani, you have come.

5. Work you shall, with passion, through nights untold, for reasons several. Contentment you will feel, for that work and happiness you shall share, with people you love. In this, revel you should, for come this shall, never again.

6. Learn you should, for your only responsibility, it is. Learn to apply, so that you may, not only in exams, but life too.

7. Explore you should, for flexible rules are, and so you may find, when test their elasticity, you do. Get caught not, though, for spoil the fun, it can, then.

8. Live not in the future, for the future is still to come. Live in the present you shall, and in its glory, bathe. For today can come never again. The change you should be, the change you want to see. Breath of yours, hold it, for the best is to come, yet.

9. Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.

-Ganesh Mahidhar


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