DISCLAIMER: All or some of the following article may or not be hyperbole.

“What’re you thinking of taking up after 12th?”

“I want to do CS yaar!”


“Because $$$.”

“I heard it’s suitable for girls.”

“Because joining Facebook is mah DREAM!”

“Because $$$, duh!”

I was the one who asked why. And the one who gave a non-committal shrug when asked the same question(the first one). And the one who mocked my friends for being oh-so-conventional. And, fast forward to June, I applied to CSE, IIT-H. *facepalm* Now I need to be ready with a proper reason to shut my friends up. Which aren’t one of the reasons mentioned above. Want a reason? Okay! You see, CSE is a very challenging branch where you use a lot of math, which I love, and reasoning and blah blah blah. Yeah, no one’s buying that.

Fine, I’ll be straight with you. I’m a wimp. I can’t punch someone to save my life. I’ve never successfully gotten a volleyball over the net. Family functions usually end in my being mauled by a bunch of 10 year olds. And muscles? What muscles? Such physical strength obviously rules out any activity which requires some form of motor skills- playing sports, getting into a brawl, bitch-slapping my middle school tormentors, or even successfully playing a game of paintball! (The only time I played, I got shot thrice in the first two minutes, and spent the rest of the game cowering behind a stack of tyres) Hello, dork-dom.

Of late, however, my fantasies have taken a more practical route; instead of slapping a bully, I could simply crash their computer or, if that’s not satisfying enough, construct a cyborg arm to get the slapping done for me (Yes, I’ve been watching too much of Phineas and Ferb). Why stop here? I can use that arm to actually throw stuff and shoot, or even invent a portable force field creator-thingy so I can keep those pesky kids out of the way (I’m kidding, I actually like kids). And of course, we also have boring, practical uses like open heart surgery, robo-soldiers, and the like, but that’s not the point here (Actually, no-they’re pretty cool too).

My brawn is non-existent – what’s a girl to do? Channel my mental prowess into something that can help me well, do cool shit, with the mere physical requirement of being capable of lifting a laptop. (I do find basic model laptops kinda heavy though)

Of course I could just admit that I joined CSE because Physics makes me want to weep, but where’s the fun in that?


-Sneha Reddy


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