Dear Movies – Please Get a Room

Welcome to the world of non-cliché movies. What exactly makes a movie non-cliché, you ask? It’s all about making a very small aspect of a film special. For example, the story itself. Take any of Christopher Nolan’s movies and you’ll be awed by the story. You would’ve never seen such a tale before (except the remakes, of course). Nolan takes sci-fi fantasies to such a … Continue reading Dear Movies – Please Get a Room

The 9 Best Inventions of the Modern World

…because I was too lazy to think of a tenth one. Well, mid-sems are around the weekend, yet here I am, typing away on my laptop. I’ve been being badgered about writing something for the lexicon for weeks now. I’ve decided to pen down a list of things that have made my life a more enjoyable experience. And no, the wheel isn’t at number one. … Continue reading The 9 Best Inventions of the Modern World

Comic Books in Television

Comic books are ideal source material for adaptation to TV. Having been around for a very long time, they are a deep treasure trove of stories, which means that adapters have a lot of choice in what they do. At the time of writing this article, the comic book TV shows that have aired at least a season are Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Daredevil, Constantine, iZombie … Continue reading Comic Books in Television

A Comedian’s Dilemma

The first ever stand-up comedy show was performed in the music halls of UK in 18th century – the art has come a long way since then. Typically replacing the poets of the 14th century, comedy has made way for itself to be a respectable profession. Laughter is the best medicine, said some stoned jackass. Intellectual comedians like George Carlin (or someone else) challenge the … Continue reading A Comedian’s Dilemma