I Know You’re Not Going To Listen To This

Here comes the load you’ve probably heard a million times – hopefully with a twist. A bunch of cliché advice that you’re never gonna follow. Chill. Just revise: A senior wrote an article about this last year and boy did I ignore the flying f**k out of it! *nervous laughter* But seriously. I’m not gonna ask you to study a lot. It’s your first year … Continue reading I Know You’re Not Going To Listen To This

Wait. IIT Hyderabad isn’t in Hyderabad?

“Are we there yet?” “How fricking long is this taking?” “But didn’t we pass civilization half an hour ago?” “Goddamit. That sign says we’ve left Hyderabad!” “What the heck is Medak?” “Are you sure we haven’t passed it, yet?” “Mommy. I’m scared.” Welcome to the Promised Land of Yeddumailaram. I bet the long ride to here will be unforgettable. But don’t worry, you’ll get used … Continue reading Wait. IIT Hyderabad isn’t in Hyderabad?

A Book-Sniffer’s Lament

I have something to confess. It’s pretty bad. Swear you won’t judge me? Okay, here goes. *deep breathing* You know those awkward introductions you’re made to give at the beginning of the the year? The list changes its size according to my whims and fancies. But the beginning of every list is invariably reading. Always. I’m no wannabe reader either (Was, at least, but I’ll … Continue reading A Book-Sniffer’s Lament

Honey, I am Pink Floyded

Every morning (when I have a morning class, that is) , you can (probably) see me, dark complexioned, with dishevelled hair and dull clothes scurrying towards the buses. But to the keen observer the most prominent feature would probably be my earphones, plugged in my ears with slightly more than adequate volume. Later, sometime during the evening/night, you can see me strolling under the sky … Continue reading Honey, I am Pink Floyded

On Saying Something Worthwhile

All of Erebor, couldn’t talk me into writing an article for the past few weeks. The thing that finally got me to start was the inspiration for the title of the edition – Friends and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Two separate things which have probably entertained me better than most others, albeit at different instances during my not-very-long life. She told me that The Very … Continue reading On Saying Something Worthwhile

Mukasa Bis and the Snowbird Affair – A Novella

Click here for the first and second instalments of this series. Chapter 3: The transit zone of an airport is a legal ‘no man’s land’. Since Snowbird did not have a Russian visa, he could not be let beyond the transit gates to enter the country. He could not be sent back either as he might face execution in his homeland. The Russian laws did … Continue reading Mukasa Bis and the Snowbird Affair – A Novella