A guide to taking lite

Before you read any further, know this. LITE IS GOD. Lite is the answer to all questions during your stay on campus. Lite is the way you shall work. Not taking lite is harmful to health. So as one profound, extremely talented to-be engineer said (read shameless self-appreciation), taking lite is the key to life on campus. As everything else, this particular phenomenon, and in … Continue reading A guide to taking lite

From the heart of Lit Soc

He looks down into the crowd and sees expectant faces staring back at him. He squares his shoulders and adjusts his voice to reach out to those bunch of people who have come down to crack what he has to offer them. But wait, that’s not all. More people start filing into the hall, an unexpected number even. You wonder if they’re all here to … Continue reading From the heart of Lit Soc

Another stereotype, Glorified

Disclaimer : The following views are strictly through the sharp and unforgiving eyes of an electrical student. To be politically correct, in all generality of the term – A third year Electrical student. I’m very much aware of the general tone I use in my modus operandi. It’s not completely my fault though. The two years of terrifying and torturous workloads was probably more than … Continue reading Another stereotype, Glorified

A Fresher’s Guide to Dirty Laundry

I’ve been living in a hostel for over a month and I feel like I’ve been through enough (physically and mentally) to let out multiple fuming rants about a bunch of hot topics. I’ve always pondered how Harry Potter must have gone through the things we freshers have just gone through. The novels would have been much longer if JK Rowling had to describe Harry … Continue reading A Fresher’s Guide to Dirty Laundry

The “IITHian”- An Alumnus Article

Hello everyone!   It’d been a long time since I laptopped down to write an article or a blog. For those who are interested in dwelling my past accomplishments, here is the link http://vinay108.blogspot.com/ (Statutory warning! no mockery please).   Coming to the title of this article, after graduating from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) I felt very happy and honored to be recognized … Continue reading The “IITHian”- An Alumnus Article