Mukasa Bis and the Snowbird Affair- A novella

Chapter 1 “Mukasa Bis. That’s the display name.” Kaustav said. “Mukasa Bis! What kind of a prick would pick that name?” Piku spoke for the first time as he finished rolling his joint and reached for his laptop. Now, I’m aware that it may not be the proper or the most original way of starting a story, making a character roll joints, much less respectable, … Continue reading Mukasa Bis and the Snowbird Affair- A novella

The darker side of College

“Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Did you study?”   ”I totally completely absolutely left the second question.” “She didn’t even teach that topic.” “Do you think I’ll get partial marks for (insert bullshit that was dumped on the paper)?” “ANOTHER test??????!!!!!!!??????” ME:  “Fuq da exams.”  “YOLO, bitches.”  “Lite le.” “STFUB” This was my mentality for the past 1 and a half months. But after screwing up in pretty much every … Continue reading The darker side of College

I should be studying right now

Brace yourself! The midsems are coming! Whether you’re a debutant or a pro, there’s no escaping them. Ask a pro and he would prefer the Kobayashi Maru over any of his course exams. Why are the midsems so dreaded? What is it that we do wrong? What makes these midsems such a significant date in our calendar of terrors? Ideally, we should all be studying. … Continue reading I should be studying right now

Procrastinating like a pro

-noobs here’s your chance at greatness To say the least, procrastination is an art. It’s like painting or dancing or parkour: there’s a thin line between mastery and absolute douchebaggery. Most of what I know is what I learnt procrastinating before exams. So to every pundit who resorts to Wikihow to generously share the 10 Things to do Before Exams in  misleadingly technical terms and … Continue reading Procrastinating like a pro

Group Studies Never Work

Group Studies Never Work- And here’s the reason why Come exam time, and you shall find a lot of scrambling around- for books seldom read, to watch video lectures that you’ve downloaded at the beginning of the semester, and when all else fails, clinging on to the hope that that one Hermione Granger of your class decides to help you. But alas, you’re seldom the … Continue reading Group Studies Never Work

Of Semesters and Beyond

DISCLAIMER: All characters in this rant are creations of my own head. Any resemblance to real life is only coincidental and not significant.   “Number a- Manufacturing is all about not making up stuff like I’m making up now because I don’t really remember what the professor said. Number b- I’m not going to write another sentence full of worthless crap so move on and … Continue reading Of Semesters and Beyond