A Haven Called Sangareddy

There are two kinds of people around here: The people who simply must eat out every once in seven/six/five/four/three/two days. The second kind like mess food. This article is primarily concerned with the first type. Normal people. Sangareddy is far from being a glamorous food destination. It’s importance rather lies in the fact that it houses all the food joints a college student would generally frequent. And … Continue reading A Haven Called Sangareddy

Politics, Birds and Other Little Things

  With our elections over, let’s go into some recent and not-so-recent political happenings and trivia. From awkward handshakes to brave birds… a lot has happened over the last month. Our elections: The interest the student body gave for our Gymkhana elections should’ve worn off in about 24 hours. After which nobody gives a damn about who won the elections and nobody gives any praise … Continue reading Politics, Birds and Other Little Things

A Pocketful of Book Reviews

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster -by Ramakrishna R M This children’s classic is a treasure trove of lazy philosophy, half baked ideas, quirky humor, silly puns and overwhelming imagery. Yes, I called it a treasure trove, despite it’s very obvious flaws.This is because, Norton is a genius who masterfully weaves the fine threads of silly, nonsensical, punny humour with a gentle of dose of … Continue reading A Pocketful of Book Reviews

Boost and Beyonce

“Aa, vasthunnanamma!” She jerked back into reality, and hurried to the kitchen to prepare coffee-and-Marie-biscuits for madam and her husband, and Boost-and-Good-Day for their daughter, the bells on her anklets going chan-chan-chan down the spiral staircase. She frowned as she made the decoction, her forehead wrinkling the way her father’s did. Her father was only in his early thirties, but a combination of his long … Continue reading Boost and Beyonce