The Mysterious Purple Line

It was my first laptop – acquired through a competition and subsequently stowed away for the last leg of my JEE marathon, along with my YA novels and ice-cream habit. Banished they were, these little luxuries, to the dark recesses of my room, leaving me to scramble for an alternate source of procrastination. After my extended period of penance, when time came for me to … Continue reading The Mysterious Purple Line

Everyone can write?

“This is gospel for the fallen ones, locked away in permanent slumber, assembling their philosophies…”     -Panic! At the Disco For a long time, I always wanted to write about things I cared about.  However a certain dread crept over me whenever I tried to get started on it. Even at those times I managed to pull through a few lines, lethargy swept me … Continue reading Everyone can write?

From the Editor’s Desk

Hey! A fortnight into the semester, after all the hectic hassles of introductions, orientations and endless assignments, that you think you cannot cope up with, you settle down. Just a little. This is when you start foraying into the wilderness that is IIT Hyderabad. Just a little, maybe. But you need to learn the ways of the wild before you start swinging the ropes. That’s … Continue reading From the Editor’s Desk