One more time with a little less feeling

It’s that time of the year when every blog or magazine that’s any blog or magazine has a “Year in review” section. Being part of one (Hint: you’re reading it), I figured I’d have to borrow the theme in some form or fashion. So I did. And I found one common thread running through the past year. 2016 was a year of polarization, where people … Continue reading One more time with a little less feeling

A Slap In The Back

Summer vacations are an amazing time for self-reflection. Summers are also a great time to catch up with the shows. Then there are these rare occasions when a show drags you into a prolonged state of contemplation, which is also great in summer, because there are no repercussions and time is your bitch. So when I was done watching South Park Season 19, I knew … Continue reading A Slap In The Back

A Rather Peculiar Decision

  *Refresh* *Re-enter credentials* *Submit* *Refresh* *Re-enter credentials* *Submit* *Refresh* *Re-enter credentials* *Submit*   …and there they appear, a couple of digits. Something you would’ve worked for, for years or maybe just months. A figure which apparently tells you how worthy you are to get into the country’s best engineering colleges; well that is what it seems to be. I was slightly startled when I … Continue reading A Rather Peculiar Decision

Politics, Birds and Other Little Things

  With our elections over, let’s go into some recent and not-so-recent political happenings and trivia. From awkward handshakes to brave birds… a lot has happened over the last month. Our elections: The interest the student body gave for our Gymkhana elections should’ve worn off in about 24 hours. After which nobody gives a damn about who won the elections and nobody gives any praise … Continue reading Politics, Birds and Other Little Things