In Search of Swaraj

I’ve lived a vast majority of my life in a dominion where a minority (one-fourth) of the population wielded a disproportionate amount of power over the numerical majority. Much like the British did in colonial India. I speak, of course, of the great power bestowed upon my mother, by the unmentioned powers of the universe. Anyone even mildly familiar with display of said power would … Continue reading In Search of Swaraj

Four Stages of College Life

The Wide-Eyed Enthusiast Phase So, school is over. Whatever you were or weren’t in school really doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a blank slate and all yours to start over. It’s time to reveal the Tyler Durden in you. These gruelling school years have really shut you up in a box. You need people. So, you go where you can find the most like-minded (or not) … Continue reading Four Stages of College Life