“Drug withdrawal is the group of symptoms that occur upon the abrupt discontinuation or decrease in intake of medications or recreational drugs.”- Wikipedia, circa 2010s Withdrawl, huh?. The insane urge to do anything, just about anything to get your stuff (or snuff). That inexplicable desire to drive an axe through the door, or to set yourself on fire, because your body has grown so used … Continue reading Withdrawl

Everyone can write?

“This is gospel for the fallen ones, locked away in permanent slumber, assembling their philosophies…”     -Panic! At the Disco For a long time, I always wanted to write about things I cared about.  However a certain dread crept over me whenever I tried to get started on it. Even at those times I managed to pull through a few lines, lethargy swept me … Continue reading Everyone can write?

The Epiphany Of A Chronic Scatterbrain

Or, Sustainable Tidiness. I’ve never been very good at, well, being neat. I clean my room once a semester. Or once I realize I haven’t any place to write at my desk anyone. Whatever happens later. I tie my hair in a tight plait, only for it to disintegrate into a fuzzy nest. I scrawl in my new notebooks once the honeymoon of pristine neatness … Continue reading The Epiphany Of A Chronic Scatterbrain

He Who Derived His Excellence From That Of Others

Ever since the game of cricket began to be telecast to crowds, live commentary has played a great role in bringing the game closer to laypeople. This, they achieved, not just by their knowledge of the game, but sometimes also simply by their choice of how to present a situation to the audience. When Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi was dismissed for one run against England … Continue reading He Who Derived His Excellence From That Of Others

The Musings of an Underdressed Soul

Lessons from a week of Celebration Having had spent the previous two weeks in preparation for the upcoming one, you can understand how relieved I was to finally get around to leaving for the festivities that were to occur. You’d be surprised to find that the simple matter of picking what to wear for a wedding is not really simple at all, no sir! There … Continue reading The Musings of an Underdressed Soul

The 9 Best Inventions of the Modern World

…because I was too lazy to think of a tenth one. Well, mid-sems are around the weekend, yet here I am, typing away on my laptop. I’ve been being badgered about writing something for the lexicon for weeks now. I’ve decided to pen down a list of things that have made my life a more enjoyable experience. And no, the wheel isn’t at number one. … Continue reading The 9 Best Inventions of the Modern World