Eighty-seven Thousand Dollars

This should mark the start of something I’ve been trying to do for almost 3-4 years now. That is to write a book, a short story in fact. Would’ve been over 6-7 years for that other book (novel) to make reality but, I figured let’s have small steps to bigger goals. Without further ado, let’s have a quote about procrastination and shoot.   “The best … Continue reading Eighty-seven Thousand Dollars

The spoon of destiny

“That’s positively preposterous.” I said, absently engaged in conversation with Danny, while trying not to step on icky things. Danny here, is the human equivalent of garbage. “Nah, man. I think that should’ve been the canon ending.” replied Dan I said, “Nay, I say.” In reference to an earlier conversation. With an expression that screamed of murder, Dan said, “Are you joking, man? Seriously? I … Continue reading The spoon of destiny

Boost and Beyonce

“Aa, vasthunnanamma!” She jerked back into reality, and hurried to the kitchen to prepare coffee-and-Marie-biscuits for madam and her husband, and Boost-and-Good-Day for their daughter, the bells on her anklets going chan-chan-chan down the spiral staircase. She frowned as she made the decoction, her forehead wrinkling the way her father’s did. Her father was only in his early thirties, but a combination of his long … Continue reading Boost and Beyonce

Mukasa Bis and the Snowbird Affair

Click here for the first, second, third and fourth installments of this series. Capsules Standing precariously on the outer ledge of the window, I advised Snowbird not to look at the magnificent view of the hotel’s lounge four stories below. The sight was making him cringe dangerously with vertigo. Meanwhile the two armed Chinese ‘reporters’ were searched the first room of the suit and were about to … Continue reading Mukasa Bis and the Snowbird Affair