This could be just another blog. Another place to visit to read up on a rainy day. Have an occasional laugh, or shed the rare tear, maybe. But this is all that, and more. This is the place that you can come to revisit your life at college. That part of your life that seems so ephemeral that it ends before you even wished that it lasted a little longer.

The IIT Hyderabad Lexicon, speaking formally, is the space that we, the Literary Society of IIT Hyderabad have created to let our minds flow free. And help people’s minds flow free. We believe in the marvels of the mind and their awe-inspiring presence on paper. We believe that words have the power to move people, and mountains. We cherish the power of words, and the effect they have on the human mind.  If you have a scrap of writing that you think is worth it, give it to us. A poem on a day when your emotions flowed free? We’ll take that too. You could probably see your work on the page in a fortnight. Or two. Even if you don’t, a bit of constructive criticism is what you may expect in the least. We’re you. Send us your love at lit_soc@gymkhana.iith.ac.in. You can even send your articles to us here.

-The Editorial Team

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