A new day

It’s morning

is it still morning at 11 ?


There are idiots drooling next to me

sweet ol’ roomies


Someone’s switched off the fan

no wonder i woke up


I grope around for my phone

please let it not be dead


My prayers are heard

well its still got 11% juice


I no longer put an alarm

helps maintain the harmony and sanctity of mornings


I settle down for the perpetual scrolling

the pillows are nice and comfy


I don’t like what my screen is showing

its the damned dino ! which could only mea..


There’s no frickin’ Wifi

there’s no electricity smartass


I resign myself to getting started with my day

gecchyer ass out of the bed


I look around for my mouthwash

mental note: buy toothpaste


My gums scream in protest as the Listerine starts a fire

it feels GOOOOOOD


Okay now all i need is clean water

Highly unlikely when you live with caffeine freaks


There are two large half-empty NOT cold bottles of coke

minus the fizz


But no drinking water

The black liquids will have to do for now


Time to go potty

Kindle at the ready


Take bath, perhaps?

nope, no classes today


Lunch at the mess?

There’s cold subs from last night


Any plans today?

clear yesterday’s pending stuff


With my day sufficiently planned out, I proceed to wake up the lousy sacks lying facedown on the beds, having kicked off the blankets to the ground. Oh Wow! They seem to have noticed the absence of electricity but the heat is not persuasive enough.


A well aimed kick.

A grunt.

A solitary eye takes the trouble to open in response.

And a not very polite indication to leave them to their last few dregs of shut-eye.


– Jeel Bhavsar


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