Drug withdrawal is the group of symptoms that occur upon the abrupt discontinuation or decrease in intake of medications or recreational drugs.”- Wikipedia, circa 2010s

Withdrawl, huh?. The insane urge to do anything, just about anything to get your stuff (or snuff). That inexplicable desire to drive an axe through the door, or to set yourself on fire, because your body has grown so used to a substance. Damn, is it bad. And these are just drugs that are, at best, described as physiological dependences. Curable? Probably. But what about other drugs (ain’t talkin’ about love, homie) that are just an integral part of who you are? What about, say, music? What if, a music addict was told, one fine day, that they can no longer listen to music because their tympanic membranes have been damaged beyond repair?

Before you start thinking I’m Padukoning you here, nah, this isn’t some serious frowny-faced stuff about the workings of the human mind. It’s just the result of an avid quizzer being denied his regular dose of questions. But truth be told, I’ve actually started seeing a pattern here. Every time I feel especially moody, it’s either because it’s rainy or because there hasn’t been a quiz in a long time. Yup, and I gotta admit I’m guilty to a degree, as I’m supposed to be partially in-charge of the Quiz club. So, why the ranting? Because Luck is the bitch, not Karma. Well, I can’t change the holiday list, can I? *Sighs*

And the worst part of withdrawal? I actually have a valid reason to study. Kinda grateful, I guess, but still. What is the point of getting the degrees of freedom of Iron right, if I don’t have some relaxing quizzes to look forward to on Friday? A deep existential crisis, mon’ami / mon’amie. Reminds me, I gotta do an assignment over the weekend.

“‘Tis sad, when your drug ain’t morphine or coke, not even the humble weed, but exercising the brain.”- Bob Marley

Sadder still, as easy a drug it is, I haven’t been getting my proper dose. Maybe I should ask the doc to prescribe it?

*The writer was diagnosed with paranoia and mild disorientation a week later. By statement from a local physician- “He is now under clinical supervision, with a nutritious breakfast consisting of old Bournvita Quiz Contest reruns, followed by two light GK quizzes for lunch. Dinner is just a plain newspaper quiz, to go easy on the brain. He should be back to normal life in a month’s time” *


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