Everyone can write?

“This is gospel for the fallen ones, locked away in permanent slumber, assembling their philosophies…”    

-Panic! At the Disco

For a long time, I always wanted to write about things I cared about.  However a certain dread crept over me whenever I tried to get started on it. Even at those times I managed to pull through a few lines, lethargy swept me off my feet and i helpless gave in. I bet that many of you share a similar experience where many a good idea that you wanted to share slipped into oblivion the same way for they did for me.

Which is why I give to you ..


TL;DR : Protips from an author guilty of writing cliches.

Do you have what it takes?

The first question you need to ask yourself before you start off writing is – do you have what it takes and NO,  I am not talking about your skill in writing which though sloppy, is passable, rather I am asking if you have the content it takes to pull it off. Depending on the article you are writing, you may need to collect facts, build a consistent plot line, yadda yadda yadda. Try  making an outline of what you’re  going to write. Defining the logical and creative boundaries, gives a sense of purposefulness , a dash of confidence and could actually make your article more elegant than otherwise


What are you trying to convey? Is your article articulated well to convey what you feel? Are you being politically correct? Does having an opinion entail to hate speech? Okay, scratch the last two. The point is you really need to think through your articles and you’re never gonna have the time if you just stare at the screen. Let your ideas flow during the course of the day like a bus ride or while having a bath. Discuss your ideas with like minded individuals(they exist!). Allow your thoughts to attain maturity.

The One

Unless you’re Genghis Khan, you’ll probably end up puncturing your way through a handful of topics not scores of women. By ‘The One’ I mean the single theme around which your article revolves around. Don’t beat around the bush, be faithful to what you have ‘Chosen’.

The Muse

“An author has no name”            

Good writing almost always has to contend with myriad insecurities – the fear of being irrelevant, the fear of being wrong or the fear of saying too much. The worst fear however is the fear of being unheard. Find ONE person who gives a shit about what you write. It is crucial to establish the positive feedback loop that will encourage you to write more. Unfortunately, the journey to finding the one is tumultuous. There is always the fear of being overbearing or worse rejected. Fortunately, we have a Lexicon team that appreciates good writing


Is there any better way to convey a point?


Use Cliches

Dem clichés get you dez uptocks. The thing about “happily ever after” is that it works. That’s why it has lasted since the ‘dawn of humanity’. Cliches are the means to turn a 100 page book into a trilogy – yes i am talking about the Hobbit series. You did a commendable job Peter Jackson and to all the “so-called intellectual pricks” fuck you,  Tauriel and Killi was a touching ‘interracial’ love story. Also, try to use as many references as possible, this way you can skip the whole ‘word-weaving’ part to convey an idea and point to an older, far superior work. (N.A if you are a sucker for originality)


When all you have is a bunch of shallow thoughts which don’t really amount to anything. Can you still write? The answer is Absolutely Yes. Just jot down each thought in a pointwise fashion and *ba *dum *tss your article is structured. Add a some catchy phrases every now and there to hide the lack of substance or coherence and you’re good to go now.

Work with your moods

The initial mood you begin while writing your article sets the tone for the rest of the article. Often you may find yourself confused why your article sucks after you were done writing it, though it seemed pretty cool when you were writing it. In such cases i recommend reverting back to the original mood. I genuinely think this is a serious problem and there is a need of a support group like the LitSoc to help writers with mood swings.


Bootstrap your article. Strip the article down to the essentials. Get it done! Nuf said!

At this point my intent at writing this article must have been laid bare to you. No? Yes? I don’t really care. I have given to you the good, the bad and the ugly of getting your article done while (poorly) concealing my real motives of getting this article out, cuz I should have really titled this piece as  please please please, write more to the Lexicon. I couldn’t have conveyed my intention more (un)eloquently.

Writing starts with getting those first few lines out. There aren’t any great shortcuts other than those you discover for yourself. But at the end of the day, it is a rewarding experience in itself. For one articulating your ideas puts them in perspective, on the other hand, I’ll get you candy. :3

So there you go, write and send me more stuff, okay?. pretty pliss

– Ramakrishna R M

P.S : The cover art is borrowed from the works of Jasenko Đorđević, an artist from Bosnia who specializes in making scultures on the pencil nib. More of his work can be found in http://toldart.com/

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