Working in the cramped old cubicle,

Searching through some Codes and Documents,

Found a photo of my batchmates,And so,

Was flooded by these rivers of moments.

Oh the first day was memorable,

Met Strange faces and bullies

Most dissented, some friendly,

All in the midst of a lecture of pulleys.

The bunch of marbles acquired were precious,

Felt like even time liked our hobby,

We laughed, pranked, and enjoyed each other,

And mocked that condescending old tubby.

The hangouts were spooky,

The fights were full of debate,

But all that I now felt was cold and empty.

The life,now trapped by this worldly bait.


Loneliness became my new parasite,

Patience my new suit

Still I sometimes wonder,

Why doesn’t bring it any fruit?


The surroundings see me as a callus,

Colleagues have become frenmies,

The old friends have become contacts

The new are busy as bees.


I sometimes feel that life is an infinite well,

Swallows the happiness and the fear,

Leaves behind the residue

That no one even tries to hear.

But I now feel the surge,

The optimism of the Photo

My ears ring, my body syncs,

Whenever I Hear Our Motto!

They say “When life gives you lemons

Make a Lemonade”

I say ”When Life gives you troubles

Let it fade”

Sahil Yerawar


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