Editor’s Note

Hey, all!

The end of the vacation draws closer and we hope you have all had the time to shake away the struggles of the previous year and dream for a while. For the old ones, it is an overdone routine, but I’m certain the newbies appreciated the well-deserved respite.

You will observe that we have updated the look of the website complete with a new logo and categories.

College themed articles will be rants covering the big things, the silly things and sometimes moments which inconsequential in our lives, along with some more generalised articles reflecting the mood of the student community.

Dreams and Dreamers is about your experiences, your passion, your painfully relatable humor, of all the little things and about anything at all in this microverse of infinite possibilities.

Creative articles could be anything from a cartoon to a poem.

Opinions reflect the more serious side of the writers, talking about the things that motivate and capture their minds.

Pop-culture is well.. Pop-Culture.

As for the new logo, props to Pranava Tandra for the time and effort she has put into it for us! :))

And thus having said the needful we will keep you no longer from our delightful collection. As you prepare yourself for a year of high hopes and mystery we bring to you our various musings to amuse yourselves. As we ponder the difficulties and peculiarities of life, summer and gentler things, we present to you The Aftermath.


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