Cats of Ages

One of human kind’s weirdest obsessions has been with cats. This goes from the ancient Egyptians to feudal Japan to the internet today. It’s not explainable except for maybe the fact that they’re cute and cuddly. But they’re not always so. Sometimes they’re mean. And rude. And act like royalty and love lasagna. And some are wise and give a lot of detention.

But we still love them all. I guess.

Let’s have a look through time at some of the famous feline catus facts.

The Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians treated cats almost like royalty. They worshipped many animals as part of their religion for different purposes. For example, dogs were praised for their ability to hunt and protect and cats were useful in killing insects and snakes, which were big problems in the Sahara (the Mummy). But cats has an extra special place in their lifestyles. In fact, they were also mummified and buried in tombs like human beings. And if you killed a cat, you would be sentences to death. No trial. Not even if it was an accident!


— The Goddess Bast, who could transform into a cat. Every God/Goddess in Egypt would be able to transform into a cat.

Domesticated cats were very popular in Egpyt. To be honest, I didn’t even know there were cats in the Sahara. There are of course big cats down South… but ones that are domesticate-able (assume that’s a word).

However, as the centuries passed, the cult of Bast was banned for some reason. Cat worship fell along with the rest of the Egyptian empire and nowadays, being a completely Islamic nation, cat worship is of course no more… just like the rest of the non-digital world. But still, cats were domesticated because they could control pests.


The Maneki-Neko

These little adorable dolls – hailed as lucky charms – are called the “manaki-neko”, which literally means, “beckoning cat” in Japanese. They’re a huge part of the Japanese culture.

happy maneki nako

Regarded as the “lucky cat”, these dolls are very common in homes, stores and as gifts. If they left paw is raised, it is to bring money and prosperity. If the right paw is raised, it is to bring more customers. And if both paws are raised, it’s being arrested and has the right to remain silent.

It actually symbolises protection. But some say it also brings both properity and customers. Well, whatever floats your boat.

They’re available in all shapes and sizes and colors – including frowning, smiling ( :3 ), lying down, golden, white, with a fish or lack thereof, etc…

Disclaimer: the below cat is not smiling.


I don’t understand why anyone would buy a frowning maneki-neko, though.

The Godfather

If you’ve seen the movie, you’d definitely remember Vito Corleone’s movie entrance where he sits majestically in a chair stroking a cat in his lap.


Did you know that they just picked up a random street cat to use in the scene? In fact, it wasn’t even in the script and they decided it would be a nice addition on the spot.

But of course, the cat never came again in the entire movie.



Everyone’s favorite fat cat. He’s the lasagna-loving, Monday-hating orange tabby. Garfield is the prime example of cats who act like royalty. The king of his own cul-de-sac with his owner and “his” dog as minions.


Starting as a comic in the 1970s, Garfield has grown into quite the franchise. If people love fat cuddly cats, they’ll definitely love sarcatic, fat cuddly cats. Garfield has 1000s of comics: and two live-action films.


Grumpy Cat

Garfield sure was grumpy, but the grumpiest cat title goes to… Grumpy Cat.


With the internet obsessed with memes and cats, Grumpy Cat became a hero, combining both. Its original name is Tardar Sauce (well, no wonder it’s grumpy) and became a sensation after its owner posted pictures of its disapproving facial expression on Reddit.



Arasu Arun


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