The Emptiness of Candy

On that day, it was a day of reckoning on Hi’it, the land of candy. The Tel Hos clan still had the final say most affairs, as they always had. And they continued to make life difficult for the inhabitants, as they always had.

That day, however, we forgot all that, and celebrated the delusion that the power lies in the hands of the inhabitants. That day, we held elections to elect representatives to take up our grievances with those of Tel Hos, and with those above them.


This ideal, however, is a vastly unfulfilled dream. Yet that is another rant for another post. That day, we wished to celebrate democracy on this island of candy. This time we shall focus on one set of candidates, for all battles are the same, and over the decades, each year blends into another.

Here we have one young man. A young man, somewhat popular during his stay at Hi’it. Neither exceptional, nor terribly well known, he was pushed to the front by forces unknown.

And as with any proper story, one faction must oppose the other.  And representing the opposing faction, though unofficially, was, wait, Harry Potter? A slightly fatter version, perhaps? Looks like more of a Neville Longbottom, really. Who gained weight preparing for the entrance exam. Running against an unnamed opponent Mr. X.

However, Neville banked on his own popularity. He did not know how elections are conducted at Hi’it. He thinks he can win. Hence he sided with those like himself.

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Mr. X, though, backed by more powerful forces, played the same game. Experience, competency, all is forgotten – it is but a demented contest of popularity and kinmanship. The all-powerful forces prevail, and Neville, poor Neville was crushed.

Those of the faith rejoiced, for one of their own had won, yet again. But wait, one must look at what had been happening on this island.

A lot of changes have taken place since we last reported on the candy island. The candy dispensary has been completed, and in place of the senior members, three times their number of junior members come to the desert to get their fill of candy. The new candy dispenser had also been put to use. They said it would make us better candy eaters. Many flowery descriptions and idea were put forward. But in the end, it fell short. It often seemed instead of being tested twice, they were tested thrice. Things were worse than before.

The inhabitants of the island often had several programs where they could enjoy themselves. These happened on a regular basis when everyone lived in the barracks. People had plenty of fun and the organizers of the events, the more enthusiastic members of the community had fun, too. But ever since the seniors moved away followed by a few others, the activities have lost all of their previous flair.

Even those who stayed at the barracks would not engage in frolic – they would come back tired of instruction and dust and the long journey through the desert – and after all, there was always candy eating to do. Even fewer come forward to organize, and must be pulled away from their candy eating to do so. People did not stay in the desert longer than they must, and the seniors wished not to engage in a journey to the barracks, either. Rooms deserted, grounds empty – most men and women could only be found in their barracks and chambers.


He who wins now governs, but is the ruler of an empty empire. With no inhabitants out and about, there is no life in his rule.


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