Politics, Birds and Other Little Things


With our elections over, let’s go into some recent and not-so-recent political happenings and trivia. From awkward handshakes to brave birds… a lot has happened over the last month.

Our elections:

The interest the student body gave for our Gymkhana elections should’ve worn off in about 24 hours. After which nobody gives a damn about who won the elections and nobody gives any praise either. It’s probably now that the candidates realize what they’ve actually signed up and the turmoil that they’re in.

However, there are epic moments in real life politics. Ones that stay epic for centuries to come and impact the flow of mankind for future generations.

(It took a lot of self control for me to not talk about Vladmir Putin here. But I had to honor him with the picture.)

Disney Princesses:


You know how Disney princesses attract animals? Like, when they start singing squirrels and bluebirds just start swarming them melodiously?

Well, this happened to Bernie Sanders last week


Bernie laughed heartily as the crowed starting laughing and cheering as the bird just bravely stood on the podium for a long time. The media appropriately named it Birdie Sanders.

Nice one, media.

Anyways, I don’t mean to say that Bernie Sanders is a Disney princess. Because that would imply Fidel Castro is one, too.


Yes, a dove flew in from ‘nowhere’ and perched itself firmly on Fidel’s shoulders as he delivered an inspiring speech to the masses. Quite an awe-inspring scene – it makes Fidel Castro look quite formidable, doesn’t it?

Well, there is one difference between Birdie Sanders and Fidove Castro (a man can try, can’t he?). The second one was staged. To make Fidel Castro look more… well, EPIC, they trained the dove to go sit on his shoulder during the peace.

Not simply just promoting his swag, the dove, being a symbol of peace, instilled faith in Castro for the people during the tough times Cuba was facing. And boy was it EPIC. The Castros should give their PR Manager a raise.

A bit of history:

Fidel, who, along with his brother Raul and other popular figures like Che Guvera, lead the Cuban revolution in the 1950’s and overthrew the Cuban Government. He was Prime Minister for like, 2 decades or something and then replaced the role with President, which he was for 2 decades or something and when he fell at 80-ish, his Raul took over.

Cuba did not exactly have a good relationship with the USA during their time. The US Government tried to overthrow him by funding a failed coup, the Bay of Pigs. At times like these during the Cold War, a dove flying out of heaven perching itself on Fidel Castro’s shoulders during an inspiring speech would just add to it’s mass effect.

This quote, which flew around the internet is false, by the way:


Some things are indeed too good to be true.

You might have read in the news that Obama became the first president to visit Cuba in nearly a century. Why? Well, it’s because of this:


Cuba was communist, that’s why. And the US felt the need to overthrow their Government and put in its place a democracy. Now, that that fight is kinda pointless and Cuba claims they’re a democracy (I’m not getting into the details), Obama decided to visit Cuba and make sure the world knows they’re not having any silly grudges.

But boy was the meeting awkward…


Obama tried to pat Raul’s back as a show of dominance and Raul just made him back the hell off. Damn.

Most of the older James Bond movies, like “From Russia with Love” have a lot of references to history, namely the Cold War. They make an interesting watch. And for funny world news and politics, there’s always witty Bill Maher and John Oliver.

Also, Batman vs Superman was really good. Regardless of whatever anyone says. And if you haven’t already, DON’T watch the trailer.

Anyways, hope you learnt something. Peace out.

Get it, “peace” out?

– Arasu Arun


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