A Haven Called Sangareddy

There are two kinds of people around here: The people who simply must eat out every once in seven/six/five/four/three/two days. The second kind like mess food. This article is primarily concerned with the first type. Normal people.

Sangareddy is far from being a glamorous food destination. It’s importance rather lies in the fact that it houses all the food joints a college student would generally frequent. And it’s literally 5 minutes away from Kandi! Nothing too fancy, just your regular selection of pizza, chaat and chicken 65.

  1. Paro’s Pizza:Generally the first thing people discover in the haven that is Sangareddy, the pizza at Paro’s has garnered mixed reviews. It’s biggest pull is that you can build your own pizza from a variety of toppings, and there are a few fail-proof selections. The other items on their menu are also quite enjoyable, notably the fried chicken and the garlic bread. While Paro’s does deliver to Kandi, it has been observed that Paro’s pizza is best tasting hot and on-the-spot. As an aside, do avoid the drinks. Nobody needs that kind of disappointment.
  2. Chit-Chaat-Chai:This the newest addition to the family. Located in the roomy space below Reliance Super, Chit-Chaat-Chai has spread of sandwiches, burgers, snacks, drinks, and of course, chaat to offer to their customers. I can’t speak for everything, but the Grilled Chicken Cheese sandwich was quite satisfying.
  3. Redla’s:Yes. Weird name. The only thing you’ll notice about Redla’s is how hard they’ve tried, with the furniture bordering on gaudy and large amounts of decoration. There is too much furniture, and the only way you’ll get privacy and quiet is if you’re with a large group. This fine-dine restaurant is a little pricier than the other entries on this list though it has a wide menu of Indian and Indo-Chinese selections including some fun options. It might be worth checking in.
  4. Aaswad:This place is a little farther down the road and a little less expensive than its pretentious cousin Redla’s. It boasts a similar menu to Redla’s though the spread isn’t as wide. I do feel it’s worth mentioning that the one time I visited Aaswad, they served me the best bowl of Chicken Sweet Corn Soup I have ever eaten. Ever. And this is coming from the girl who whines that Sweet Corn Soup is too mainstream.
  5. Reliance Super:Not a food place, I know. But really, isn’t it good to have a place which sells Nutella, Peanut Butter and Cheese spread close by? You’ll never have an unsatisfactory breakfast again, guaranteed. Plus you can pick from all the packaged  snack items that you won’t find in the Cafeteria.
  6. Zam-Zam Family Dhaba:This place needs no introduction to IITH students. A favourite amongst all even when they were residing in ODF, this dhaba provides the best food in the vicinity, hands-down. Ironically, this is the one place on my list that I have never had the opportunity to visit. I am relying on secondhand knowledge when I say that they serve gigantic quantities. The spread is your regular selection of dhaba food, curries, rotis, appetisers and the like.

All in all, even though it is terribly sad that we are much much farther away from the heart of Hyderabad than we’d all choose to be, Sangareddy has come to our aid for the mean time.

– Aisha Dantuluri


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