The Land of Infinite Candy

Once upon a time, long, long ago in the middle of the vast blue sea, was a distant island called Hi’it. Some islands had gold. Some had steel, others cotton. Hi’it had candy. Every year, many merchants would come to these islands to recruit the inhabitants for exorbitantly high prices because they believed that the candy on this island gave its inhabitants superpowers to conquer the world.The story of this island spread far and wide until every year, until thousands and thousands of young men and women would fight to live in these islands, often undergoing special training for several years to clear the extremely difficult entrance examination. Some even ended their lives because they could not enter the island.


This is the story of those seemingly lucky inhabitants.

Episode 1: The Roadless Dominion

As its fame spread across the world, more and more people tried to come there. The leaders of the island didn’t have a choice but to let but a few more in. But here was a problem. There was a military base on the island where the young men and women were housed. However, there were only a limited number of barracks there. There was no space for the increasing number of young people who came there. As a result, the leaders had decided to build new houses for them.

They hired a magic genie who could give but two wishes. They asked him to build the housing for the students and a place where the valuable candy could be stored.


Now, here came the problem. The rulers never mentioned where the accommodation was supposed to be built. As a result, the genie built the accommodation in a dry desert full of dust with no means to reach there.


The people who were put in charge of this new accommodation was the Tel Hos family. Traditionally ragpickers and thieves, the members of this family were put in charge of the buildings for the sole reason that they were close to the prince of the island. 12544669_10204125825825987_436913019_o                                                      A typical member of the Tel Hos family


Never ones to have handled any responsibility, the members of the family took to their jobs with great zeal and enthusiasm. They dragged several senior inhabitants of the island to the new buildings without roads even while the genie was building the candy warehouse.

The poor inhabitants had to travel miles every day back to the army base to get their dose of candy. They traveled on monstrous vehicles that drenched them in dust.


And thus began an unfortunate series of events that marked the beginning of their troubles in this desolate desert.

-Ganesh Mahidhar


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