The Monarch

“Let the dogs lose
What the royals gained!
None of the knights know
What those seeds grow.
The green shall show
For what the Queen says.”
But gone are those youthful days.
When energy was in abundance
And rules redundant.
Now comes an heir to the throne
And into a fine woman she has grown.
Who lets the fears drown,
But doesn’t let her people down.
To carry on the legacy
In all its supremacy.
The young woman takes over the reins
From an ageing mother who hasn’t many gains.
On her first day at the altar
The young woman did not falter.
And as the Sun grew to dispel the dark,
She was crowned the monarch.
So began a new era,
That brought back the diaspora.
For the kingdom began to feel in pieces,
Which, in turn, led to an exodus.
But now, it was evident, their concerns were unfounded
And rumours of unprecedented growth, abounded.
The Queen’s plans for the future were initiated
And all her actions, imitated.
For she was the public ideal
And aping her, the solution to any ordeal.
Although between the two rulers, there was a dichotomy,
Her Majesty’s tenure wasn’t reduced to monotony.
Wars were fought, wars were won,
Wars were averted, before they had begun.
Her Majesty’s rule, though, was unmarred by civil strife
As she had impressed people from all walks of life.
A declining empire was brought back on its feet
And made one that any other would greet.
The kingdom would eventually pass on to Her Majesty’s son,
But all averred, “There can only be one”.

– Abhinau Kumar V


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