Editor’s Note

Why, hello there!

It’s midterms time again (unless you’re a Fractals kid, like yours truly), and we hope you’re keeping it all together. The name of this issue may suggest that we’re doing some sort of science issue, or a social experiment, depending on your bent of mind.

But nay, we prefer to help you de-stress with more frivolous matters (Or a glimpse into the mirror held up to our society?). This time, we’re back with a somewhat pop-culture centric issue – a shout-out to Arasu Arun from our book club for curating these articles. In addition to this, we’ve got more creative writing pieces for you, including another instalment of Utsab’s Ray’s fantastic novella. After reading this issue, it would be fair to assume that you would have made a list of your preferred poison to binge consume on your next holiday.

Happy reading, and mug strong.

The Literary Society.

PS – Speaking of eggs, science has discovered how to un-cook boiled eggs. I’m not even kidding.


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