Dear Movies – Please Get a Room

Welcome to the world of non-cliché movies.

What exactly makes a movie non-cliché, you ask?

It’s all about making a very small aspect of a film special.

For example, the story itself. Take any of Christopher Nolan’s movies and you’ll be awed by the story. You would’ve never seen such a tale before (except the remakes, of course).


Nolan takes sci-fi fantasies to such a high magnitude, people start theorizing about their possibilities (even he probably knows they’re ridiculous).

Or maybe it could be the screenplay. A name that shouts out to me is Quentin Tarantino. That man is simply the master of screenplay. The majority of his films are non-linear and his monologues are always quite captivating – I’ve even caught myself getting attached to the conversation going on even if there was nothing significant in them.


Say Pulp Fiction was a boring again. I dare you. I double dare you, motherf*cker.

There are other things to spice up a movie as well. Maybe something unique about the acting? Take Tropic Thunder – RDJ, Jack Black and Tom Cruise all act as some character they’re not like at all. RDJ acted as a black guy – from the makeup to the dialogues, he nailed it. And Tom Cruise was an obese guy in the movie.


Or perhaps a movie is just a innovative combination of every tiny aspect that could be make special. Then, we get Steven Spielberg. From Jurassic Park to Schindler’s List, Spielberg’s movies have something that makes them all grand.


This movie was in black and white, except for one little girl’s dress, which was bright red.

But some movies have some quirks that are just awe-inspiring . It’s hard to explain so let’s take an example.

Movies that Take Place in One Room!

If I told you ^that about a movie, doesn’t that make it more intriguing to watch? (granted I tell you it’s a good movie, as well). If it doesn’t, please stop reading this article.

In fact, stop reading any article.

These sort of movies need to be magnificent in other aspects, of course, to make up for their lack of… scenery and adventure.

Let’s take a noble example – 12 Angry Men, a brilliant movie from 1957.

I personally saw this movie without knowing that it’ll happen in just one room. I knew it was filled with captivating dialogues and that’s what made it famous, and I surely wasn’t disappointed.


The movie ended and I had a sudden realization that it was pretty much 12 guys discussing something in a room. No flashbacks, no side scenes. But what an awesome movie. The conversation was so captivating I didn’t even want to leave that room, either.

I highly recommend watching this iconic movie to anyone with at least half a brain.

There are many more movies like this. The Man from Earth is another really good one. The premise of the story is really interesting and quite thought-provoking as well.

These movies make you imagine vivid scenes in your head, from the conversations that take place as well. Let’s go back to Quentim “Mah Man” Tarantino.


All of Tarantino’s films involve a shot from the trunk of a vehicle. It’s his signature.

Reservoir Dogs actually involves quite a big robbery scene and the movie shows… absolutely none of it. But we learn about everything that happens through the dialogues that takes place after it goes horribly wrong.

There are flashbacks in this movie, so it’s not just one room. But the main dialogues take place in a big hangar (I forgot what the exact place was) and that’s how we learn about the robbery.

Any ways, writing about movies ain’t what movies are for. We all know that college hasn’t overloaded you with so much work you can’t relax for 2 hours and appreciate for much more than that.

So yeah, go watch.

Also, find out what Quentin Tarantino’s wallet says.

Arasu Arun


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