A Comedian’s Dilemma

The first ever stand-up comedy show was performed in the music halls of UK in 18th century – the art has come a long way since then.

Typically replacing the poets of the 14th century, comedy has made way for itself to be a respectable profession.

Laughter is the best medicine, said some stoned jackass.

Intellectual comedians like George Carlin (or someone else) challenge the very core existence of mankind and are changing the world in a manner no one ever could think of before. Or shiny heads like Moz Jobrani trying to get the Irani stereotype out of people’s mind by making jokes on it. I can go on and on but you get the drift. (If you didn’t, click here).

The condition of comedians in India, however, is pathetic. Comedy should ideally be looked at as an expression of art to relieve your stress (Yes, this does the trick too- stop finding excuses to light a puff or going the old Kamasutrian way), and should not be taken too seriously. Stop taking offence at petty issues. Chill a bit, and learn to take a few jokes upon themselves.

To name a few incidents that could, and should have gone the other way – the AIB Ruckus, Cops putting Vir Das’ show midway and Abish Mathew getting a finger during performance with a lot of drama off stage.

Most of the times it is just a clear attack on the right to freedom of speech. “Indian Culture” is not something that will lose its shrine if a comedian makes a few jokes about sex.

Well without wasting much time, the question remains, should a comedian who was pretty much jobless a few years back and is now changing the world with the right questions wrapped around wit, satire and plenty of sarcasm be allowed to design content so as to challenge the rules and trivialities man has bound himself with or should take care of everyone’s feelings and design content not to offend anyone.

If you were offended during any part of this article, well then gulp it in, there ain’t no flying fucks given.

-Rahul Budhrani


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