Wait. IIT Hyderabad isn’t in Hyderabad?

“Are we there yet?”
“How fricking long is this taking?”
“But didn’t we pass civilization half an hour ago?”
“Goddamit. That sign says we’ve left Hyderabad!”

What the heck is Medak?”

“Are you sure we haven’t passed it, yet?”
“Mommy. I’m scared.”


Welcome to the Promised Land of Yeddumailaram. I bet the long ride to here will be unforgettable. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Yes, our campus is quite far away from Hyderabad city. And yes, that is an understatement.

But this will be like we’re not a part of Hyderabad!”

It won’t be like we’re not a part of Hyderabad. We’re not a part of Hyderabad.”

But the city is in our college name!”

You might wanna check again.”

cupWell, David Fincher movie references aside, it is indeed in our college name, but LOL to that. And hey, don’t feel cheated – at least our permanent campus will be the place to be once it’s completed.

On a serious note, there are plenty of ways to get to the city from here. Sure, it does take quite a bit of time, but that’s just more reason to spend the entire day in the city.

NOTE: I’m not Hyderabadi. So this is all the opinion of a non-native, which most of you guys are.

Public Transport:

1. Focal points of your trip:
The closest civilizations outside home-sweet-army-tank-filled ODF are Shankarpally and Patancheru. Depending on where in the city you want to go to, you’re gonna have to get a auto/bus to either of them.

There is also Lingampally. And note, the Lingampally bus and metro stations are separate. You can easily get an auto/bus to the bus station from Patancheru and then a cheap share auto to L-pally Metro station (we’ll talk about the metro later).

2. Sharing is Caring:
I’m from a non-metro and an amazing thing about Hyderabad transport (at least around these parts), is the abundance of “share-autos”. To get to either Shankarpally or Patancheru, just hop off at the ODF Market Complex on the way to the institute and get one of those share-autos. And you can get even more share-autos to other areas from those parts.

shareautoThe good thing about share-autos is that they’re cheap and quick. The bad thing is perspiration.

3. Blissful Buses:
Buses are amazing. I personally love the 45min-ish ride from ODF to Patancheru listening to music on the bus peacefully (frequency is like, once every 20 minutes). Then you get off at Patancheru and run, Forrest, run! The bus networks are really good in the city. You can get to anywhere you want within an hour or two if you can how to use them properly.

An issue in travelling in a foreign city is knowing where to get off at. The newer buses have digital rolling displays of the current and upcoming stops, so you can choose to take only those buses. Or you just have to listen carefully or ask people – bus conductors generally don’t bite, unless you have no change.

4. All Hail Google Maps!
Whether you need to plan your bus route, estimate the time taken, or find out where to get off at, just go to Google Maps. Their data of the bus routes is unbelievably vast and accurate.

The navigation is handy in case your driver doesn’t know the route himself – or herself.

So…. Regardless of how pampered you were at home, I insist you try out public transport. It’s a great experience (and good for character building?). You cracked the JEE didn’t ya? The rest should be simple.

5. The MMTS:

mapThis is a very fast and still cheap way to get around the city. Just get to Lingampally Metro Station (see above) and then choose.

The options are limited, but it should cover a dozen of the most common destinations around the city. So, it’s the best mode depending on where you need to get off. Again, always plan your trip beforehand.

Not-so-public transport:

Cabs and Vans:
This is the best option if:
1. You’re travelling as a group and can pool together.
2. Your parents gave you an ungodly large amount of pocket money.

For your sake, we hope it’s not the later. But indeed, if a handful or more of you guys are travelling to the city (say Inorbit mall or whatever), it’ll end up at a couple hundred per head. Quite cheap considering the convenience and speed.

Meanwhile, I’m just gonna wait for self-driving cars to take over the world.

Arasu Arun


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