I Know You’re Not Going To Listen To This

Here comes the load you’ve probably heard a million times – hopefully with a twist. A bunch of cliché advice that you’re never gonna follow.

  1. Chill. Just revise:

A senior wrote an article about this last year and boy did I ignore the flying f**k out of it! *nervous laughter* But seriously. I’m not gonna ask you to study a lot. It’s your first year of freedom. Enjoy it till it you feel horrible on the inside! (You’re welcome for the motivation)

Go to the city. Party like it’s 1999. Pull an all-nighter! But that’ll inevitably end up in just one guy strong-willed enough to not fall asleep. By strong-willed, I could also mean caffeine soaked.

[This sentence is removed as it encouraged you to carefully drink and do drugs.] Because kids,  what do we say to drugs?
(A) Oh, hell yeah!
(B) Not today.
(C) No.
(D) Hi.

But seriously, when it comes to acads, for God’s sake just make sure you stay above 8.0. You never want to regret it later. And to do that, just simple revise what happened in class. Just go to your room and take like maaaaybe an hour and read online whatever was taught in class. I say online because if you actually took notes, you don’t need to read this point.

For the rest of you, study however much you want, but just don’t be a maggu.
(Editor’s Note: Or be one, ’cause baby you were born this way!)

  1. Balance your load.

“Don’t procrastinate” – says everyone to people who procrastinate.

That’s the equivalent of saying, “Don’t kill people” to a homicidal maniac, or”Don’t do drugs” to a lifetime drug addict. And “Don’t take my Skittles” to whomever enters my room.

Whether you procrastinate or not, I highly recommend reading this.

I know it’s not easy to get out of it. I would rather spend my time reading about Harriet Tubman and Hitler’s love life (Yes, he had one) than study for a test about something I know nothing of coming up in 3 hours. Procrastination, like addiction is hard to understand and widely disregarded by people who don’t do it.

(And yes, that exact situation is true.)

(Again yes, I messed up the test and barely passed)

But now, I can proudly say that I know for a fact Hitler was married for less than 40 hours. Guess how it ended. Just guess.

So the advice here is – balance your load. Make to-do lists! Your list can have a dozen items, but make sure each item is specific and material.

This should NOT be on your to-do list: “Learn probability”. This should: “Find out the types of random variables”. And, after you complete one task, replace it with another- for example, “Properties of expectation of random variables”

An app I would suggest would be Any.do. Or just write it down on a piece of paper.

  1. Of Clubs and Fests:

Volunteer! Attend! (especially all the quizzes on Thursday)

But seriously, make sure you volunteer in at least 1 position for a fest this year. It’s a great experience. You really learn how things get done and you can meet a ton of awesome seniors.

Even if you don’t end up liking it, you’ll regret never having done it. I figured a lot about management and operations and how things like publicity and funding actually work through volunteering. It’s important knowledge I could never get elsewhere.

And follow a club of your choice (Not the . Be rigorous. Even if you have no knowledge or some basic knowledge, it’ll be quite the guidance and again, you’ll meet some awesome seniors.)

  1. Friends:

Have a circle. You don’t need to talk to many people, just a few. If you need to make a choice, try to make one which helps you meet more people.  But of course, you can ignore the hell out of people you actually don’t wanna talk with.

(I would say more but come on, I trust you guys would be able to handle it.)

(Actually, I have to complete this in half an hour cause I promised an article, but kept slacking off till the last minute)

  1. Your one true best friend:

Friends may come and go. Grades may rise and fall. But one thing that’ll probably always leave you behind is your pen.

Trust me on this. Once you come to college, you stop giving a crap. Remember the “pencil pouch” you had in school? With erasers, scales, a blue pen, a black pen, a spare blue pen and a pencil? Ha. Leave those days behind.

To get through college, all you need is one blue ball pen (Unless you’re in Engineering Drawing or something). And people always lose their pens.

But no, you don’t wanna be like that. You don’t wanna fall into the void… the void that your pen probably fell into ’cause there’s no other explanation for how it disappeared off the face of this earth in just 20 seconds.

So.. I recommend that you find a pen that you can love. And you nurture that motherf***er. Nurture it good. Never lose it. The bliss of always having a pen when you need it is next to none.

In my case, I use the Cello Butterflow. But that’s just me.

So… yeah. That’s the load of cliché advice that I wanted to give you guys.

Enjoy college.

And yes, they married right when the Nazis lost and they committed suicide together in 40 hours.

And she’s quite pretty.

Arasu Arun


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