Editor’s Note

Hello again.

We’re back. So are you – unless you’re a fresher, that is – we’ll get to you in a moment. You must have noticed the new look. Don’t worry, we’re the same on the inside – we’re just growing. We are now undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts , if I must say so. At the risk of being cliché, like a butterfly (speaking of which, I highly recommend this book. It’s a classic). Okay, fine, that was definitely a cliché and I did it because it wanted to link that book to you guys.

But I digress. You’ll be seeing a lot a lot of changes in this space – and not just us sprouting pretty wings. Our caterpillar years have made us bold. We’re spreading our wings, and flying to more places. For a little more culture. A little more serious. And a lot more fun.

The Literary Society

P.S. – Oh, and I forgot to say hi to the new kids. So, um, hi. Welcome. We’re awesome. You’re probably awesome. This one’s for you, darlings.


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