Editor’s Note

To all the folks out there, Hey!
It has been quite a while now that we haven’t written anything on this space- the space that we promised we would update every fortnight. However many reasons we give, the crux of it is rooted in lethargy, in laziness and lack of enthusiasm. In other words, it has been because the fire in us has been dying out. But as a new wind is to an unextinguished hearth, as the west wind is to lazy autumns, we have been poked and prodded out of our sleepy melancholy by souls far greater than ours, by legends of the yore, by people who have by and large taken IITH to what it is today. These were souls who had a raging inferno in their hearts, an unextinguishable blaze of commitment and hard work, of ideas and passions, of dreams and above all, a love for IIT Hyderabad.

It is hence, to these bright stars in the history of IITH that this mini issue is a tribute to, these people who have returned from beyond the veil to inspire, to motivate and to light a fire in our hearts. This issue is called Light-A-Fire in their honor,after an initiative that was taken by them to rekindle the hopes and aspirations in the hearts of IIT Hyderabad. In this issue, we interview, question and examine what they have done right. This is, in contrast to most of our works, a serious issue about the elections and shall cater only to the readership of IIT Hyderabad.

So people, adios! Have a enlightening read!


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