Placements, Placements, Placements!!
The one word which keeps many people motivated to study (bah!) and makes them drool.It is the time in the college, when a 9 pointer or the callous 6 pointer reads anything and everything from algorithms to tips on taking aptitude tests. All just to crack them all, which seemingly mock your common sense and you, too, for squandering your precious four years, probably in waste. It is also the time when people ‘migrates’ to all things CSE, especially data structures and sorting, as they feel that they are left with no options! Your blood boils when you them, with such brilliant minds in their area of engineering, forcing themselves to prepare for interviews and selection tests which don’t ask questions on what they know or have learnt. Well, but people just do it for a back up, in case their plans for the future backfire. So lite.

Ethical and economical issues aside, it also happens to be the time when sentiments and emotions float in the air.I mean literally. And of course, people become more sensitive and expressive about their disappointment and joy. All that is evident with those late night parties after getting placed through a gruelling sessions of day-long interviews, during when one doesn’t have have the mood to eat food. And waking up early in the morning at 4:00 am (mind you, never during the semester do we wake-up for the 8:30 am classes!) or may be staying awake through the night before for the 7:00 am interviews when one stays on an empty stomach for the day until one’s done with the interviews and has gotten the job!!

But its also happens to be the time when memorable, funny incidents happen. Like this incident of the pair of trousers and shirt of my friend, G. The guy wore it for his first day interviews. He got the offer and also another off-campus. Since then, the pair had been circulated amongst us all(including me), whoever had interviews lined up the next day. And to add to the superstition, everyone who wore it for their interviews got selected! Guys who had been flunking or getting rejected out of interviews, got selected that very interview, when they wore it for the first time! Pretty interesting actually, how things work out for people in mysterious ways.

Adding up to all the stress(yeah, I don’t know how it happens, but trust me it does build up!), confusions and annoyingly long interview rounds, are the various goofy incidents that happen. Like the guy clears the technical rounds, but the company runs out of time to interview him for the hr rounds and hence rejects him! Or that the company takes more than one and half days to decide the short list and yet doesn’t. Some companies complain the lack of rooms or quality of food or how far the campus is from the city, while others complain that the students aren’t upto the standards. While some just can’t figure out the route to reach the campus and overshot to Kandi, others want to be done with all the ‘nasty’ business of interviews and pre-placement talks and leave the place for good. Sometimes you meet people who are genial but pretentious, while others who are really good-looking(you probably know who I mean ;)) but quite reticent.

Overall, superficially the placements season could mean so much to so many,
but its just another event on campus!

-Arun Balajie


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