Kyunki Senior bhi Kabhi Junior tha

This realisation came as a big shock to me. It made my jaw drop, and I struggled to regain control of my brain. Seeing all those seniors, I have always felt slighted. Am I even a college student to have such a less friend circle, an even-lesser-or-non-existent friends who are girls (I did my +2 from Andhra, now Telangana)? Will I survive the onslaught of the curriculum??Will I see the light of the day after Ahmed Khan sir’s class??Will I adjust to college life??Will my small contribution make any difference in the outcome of ELAN?? Will I be able to make my parents proud?? And, lastly, the most important one–Will I get a girlfriend??

Not that I find every senior to have one, (a serious supply-demand problem)..(Seniors-no offence)..(Women-no offence)..But what can I do??-despo guy here.  Like, what did seniors do when they were in a similar position?? If they are seniors now, then they surely were juniors once. It really raises one’s spirit to see that there were some people who stood where you are standing now, it’s like knowing the questions which will be coming on tomorrow’s Math paper. And, even more appalling is to know that even you will be a senior sometime.

And then there are those issues which have become a taboo on campus. But, they don’t call Voldemort by “V-word” or a condom by “C-word”, they just use the word, well not exactly in the case of Voldemort, but you get the point. After completing the first semester, after becoming “half_seniors”, if such a thing actually exists, I envisioned a dream, wherein such a taboo never existed, or atleast on this campus. In the end, my dream can be summed up in the lyrics of Changes by 2pac..

How can the Devil take a brother if he’s close to me?


And, finally –An ode to all the seniors.

-The “Shining”


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