Humans of IIT Hyderabad

Realising our dream of over an year, for the first time in over nine months, we put forward something that is not only entertaining as it is relatable. A movement that shall make you think, a movement that shall make you understand what we have taken for granted from our own sheltered childhoods, traditions and rituals and stereotypes. We present to you a series of stereotype breakers, people who have and shall prove you wrong, over and over again. In association with the Photography Club of IIT Hyderabad, the Literary Society of IIT Hyderabad presents to you, one of our biggest projects putting in over a semester of hardwork, The Humans of IIT Hyderabad- Your Own Story.

Something that came about as an idea from one of the most revolutionary girls IIT Hyderabad has ever seen (more on her at a future date), this became something each one of us could associate with. Each and every one of us have faced and continuously face discrimination at a level that has become intuitive to the society. We live, as one such stereotype breaker said, under the shadow of the Orwellian Big Brother which is everything that the society demands of us. This is an effort to break such chains, to alter thoughts and to direct them in ways which we hope can gain acceptance on various levels. The efforts put in by each and everyone into this have been no less than astounding. We would like to offer many thanks the Photography Club, IITH and the various photographers involved for putting in efforts at times without getting distraught or frustrated, to all those people who wanted to chip in, to be a part of a revolution to come. This shall continue in the subsequent editions, and if you feel you are such an example, please do write to us at The first of the many fivers to come are here. Do read and enjoy 🙂

Different is not weird. Different is awesome.

Swati Seshagiri

Body politics is as old as it is real. It detracts from more pressing matters or tries by setting impossible standards of beauty to make more and more products fly off the shelf. Moreover, the burden of stereotyping goes hand in hand with the injustice of being devalued. Swati is a fashionista and she couldn’t care less about size zero. She identifies as body positive. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Get over the thigh gap!

DSC_0196 (1)

Mayank Kurveti

This might be one of our controversial shoots. Whatever your interpretation is and whether you would choose to hail or holler at us this is our take on it. Rituals don’t maketh a religion but the partaking in them irrespective of how one identifies breeds tolerance. In a world torn by religious orthodoxy and fundamentalism, it helps to remind ourselves from time to time that the guiding principle must be humanity.

DSC_0207 (1)

Anindita Ghosh

God forbid if she is beautiful and has brains. Heaven take mercy if she decides to sashay down the ramp. Every misogynistic and lack-lustre barb seems to be directed at women who decide not to conform. As if beauty and intelligence and mutually exclusive and humility is such a virtue that taking pride in your own form is being vain. Is there a nefarious propaganda that would go to any length to stop the fairer sex from cherishing themselves? We raise our glasses to all the Hedy Lamarrs out there!

DSC_0091 (1)

Ruma Ghosh

Your labels are outdated. Move along!

DSC_0076 (1)

Devanshi Gupta

99% girls are beautiful and the rest are IITians is a trending joke on social networking sites. Yes, in the 21st century and yes people laugh. I salute you patriarchy. This has been your subtlest jab. We suggest a tad bit of imagination and retrospection.



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