Editor’s Note

It has been very long since we last posted but we hope to find you well and in good health. We’ve been busy with a lot of stuff, and we have done our work to put it into this magazine. In this issue, we pay a tribute to you, the unsung heroes of IIT Hyderabad. We call this issue the humans of IITH. It has, by far, the largest number of posts by the IITH Junta. It also has a new feature that we’ve been working on, all this year, which is the main purpose of this magazine. This feature shall continue in all following issues, to glorify all those brilliant and awesome people of IIT Hyderabad. It is called Humans of IITH, the main purpose why the magazine is given the name. This is also an issue of beginnings, of new hope and of answers. Hope you enjoy it as you did, the previous ones!


The Team

IIT Hyderabad


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