Bleh- I don’t even know what these juniors write anymore.

There was once a girl, very beautiful, cursed to sleep for eternity, until and unless a prince would come to her and kiss her. And then, they would both get married and lead a happy married life until eternity. This is more or less the gist of the story of the Sleeping Beauty. Well, I wish things were so simple. Or, let me put it this way–Why are things always so damn complicated in real life? All the movies related to college life and what not, have lead me to believe that L-word exists(or atleast the C-word). But, what my first semester had taught me, other than my Engineering Physics curriculum, is the experience which I hope can substantiate my argument against all such movies, books and all.

The most basic condition is that the people we want don’t want us and the people who want us, we don’t want. And, when there is an exception to that, which is very rare, we call it the L-word. This is always the typical case. And, this is my case too. Wait!! we skipped the parts where I was struggling to get my feelings across to her. (that’s the entree) gotta go back.—–Oh!! the things I felt during these times range from extreme sadness to euphoria. Those mini heart attacks for no reason at all, those spells of jealousness I had beared and those little tiny-bit bursts of happiness like the fireworks illuminated my world and then smoked my sight and further drove me down this road. Now, I despise all  fireworks. They pollute. Nuff said.

Coming back to the story where one guy wants that guy who doesn’t want to have him and vice versa. This too is my case, in it’s own way. Well, fuck. When the smoke finally subdues, and when you can finally see the stars, you find yourself to be in a mess. Mess you can’t come out without hurting someone. It is truly lamentable to see the shades of love(there you go, I’ve used the word) and the risky nature of it. Forgive me, if I made you think that this realisation comes quick; it doesn’t. It depends on how many fireworks were fired and the precipitation rate of the smoke. Nevertheless, the question that needs to be answered to yourself is–was the “rush” worth the “pain”?

Believe me, it never is. ‘Cuz we are very demanding. So, that’s why, I’ve taken quite a novel stand on all of this.

Why should I have all the pain? Let me sleep(or wait), just like the Sleeping Beauty until some girl comes to me and wakes me up by kissing me, or atleast by giving me a jerk(pun intended).

-Some guy with a sleeping display pic.


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