Yep. You read that right. Love, Sex (You there. Stop giggling like a seventh grader.), Death and Money. Like a rather obscure song by this artist I love says, that’s pretty much all there is to, well, everything. Including 2014. I shall type as much as I can about this in the two hours I have before the deadline for this article.


This year, I mean last year, there was plenty of lost love between countries, and even governments and the people. Ukraine dumped their president. The Royal Thai Army dumped their Prime Minister on similar lines. Venezuela severed ties with Panama over alleged back-stabbing. Russia ‘stole’ Crimea and resulted in the cool kids kicking Her out of cliques. Sunni vs Shias. Again. (Don’t even get me started about ISIS)

Teenagers. *sigh*


… And by sex, I mean gender. You dirty-minded freak. 2014 was, well, a pretty bipolar year for feminism. Here in India, it was crappy-business-as-usual, with a barely any bright spots- reputed colleges imposed unreasonable curfews and consequently restricted library access on female students. Us we were reminded of the risks of Uber. A Muslim actress got slapped for wearing un-Muslimy clothes. Deepika’s cleavage was considered important enough be on TOI’s first page. Shehnaz Treasurywala went full retard. Every second politician in our country went full retard.

In the western world, however- best year EVER. Why? Because shit finally got mainstream. From the days of actresses apologising for leaked nudes and claiming “Oh, no, I’m not a feminist, I love men!”, we’re  finally arriving at a time when women in the spotlight proudly perform in front a screen that  spells out “FEMINIST” and say “Yes, I am a feminist.” and address the UN about how this is not just about women. And I simply can’t not mention Jennifer Lawrence and the leaked nudes.

“Every single thing that I tried to write made me cry or get angry. I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say I’m sorry for.”
Yep. I’m officially in love with her. And I can’t not mention Frozen, either, despite it being a end-of-2013 movie. This movie, with two badass female protagonists was talked about well into 2014. Even ads- like #LikeaGirl, or #ShineStrong, or Tanishq closer back home(Okay, that was almost 2014) – talked about several issues. Some may argue against this movement  being used to peddle sanitary products, diamonds and shampoo. But hey, we’re talking about it, so-

And coming to the other meaning of sex, Kim Kandarshian broke the Internet (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).


Ebola. Jammu and Kashmir. Pune landslides. #BlackLivesMatter. Botched Sterilizations. Malaysia Airlines MH370. AirAsia. Okay, that’s it. *Curls up in corner with blanket*

On a brighter note, legalised euthanasia.

On a Happydent-bright note, the UPA.


Okay two minutes left. Make in India. Japan’s kinda screwed. The Big Billion Fail. More scandals. Air tickets for peanuts. BRING BACK THE BLACK MONEY. No more fuel subsidies (Now I actually have to figure out how to use public transport). Banks accounts for everyone. India’s not so screwed anymore.

Annnnd it’s midnight. So now I can’t write anymore.**

**- Too lazy.

***Remember our orientation. We’re all procrastinators *yaawn*


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