Ramblings of a Wandering Mind

When the world goes to sleep
the coder rises, brisk
But I don’t know why I’m rambling
about what I am to you
For listen up, there is something else
I want to share with you
For like Phoenix, I want to burn to ashes
and be born out to them
to take an alternate path
that could make me regret less
And find a meaning out of all this mess
Yeah my mind, it’s a chaos
gripping a thought, pulling it out
Is now but a strain and a pain!
It all happens when I brood
and I have been brooding all along
No meaning, no reason,
But I brood all along
While I sing this song,
Something inside me lightens a bit
Inside me an idea gets lit.
Through the fog, I see you,
You, whom I love,
IF I be born again, I’ll seek you
you’d have forgotten it all
and would give me another chance
I sleep, coz in the dream,
It’s you sitting next to me
your cold gaze gone,
you’re just too fond
of me, to forget me.
Maybe that’s what I want,
But this life, ah!
It has other plans; I am not living it!
If there was a way to feel better
It is only in my sleep
But when I wake, It is all just a dream!
In my heart, I scream!
There is no way I can match my peers,
no way to refute their leers,
So I forget it all,
In the palace of my dream,
Where I never fall,
I endeavour and aspire
live and conspire!

 –Arun Balajie


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