Otaku – The Pilgrim & Comic Con – The Pilgrimage

Oi! Kyō wa ogenkidesuka? Nani ga anata dake itta no wa nani?? Anata ga nihongo o rikai shite inai
Oops 😛 sorry for that, I usually get carried away when it comes to anything related to Japanese. What? You want me translate it for you guys(Urgh! What do you think Goggle is useful for? -_- )
For people who are yet to and want to take a dive into the wondrous world of Japanese nerd subculture, Welcome Aboard!! J

Now is there any otaku here?? Wait do you really know what an otaku means? Take a guess…

By the way, it’s a custom in Japan that the college teacher is called by his or her family name with honorific title of sensei. So it’s sensei for you noobs 😉
Otaku is the one who watches those Japanese anime right??The answer is a big NO!!
Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, it just so happens that most common otaku are anime and manga fandom.

A person can be otaku about practically any hobby or interest. The most common types of otaku in Japan are:

  1. Anime / Manga Otaku – Virtually everyone in Japan has read manga or watched anime at some point. However, some people are obsessed with it and these people come under this category.
    2. Cosplay Otaku –Cosplay Otaku are into wearing costumes and role playing. In many cases cosplay otaku are highly social and gain friends through cosplay activities. They may spend large amounts of money attending events and buying costumes. In many cases, they learn to make their own costumes (sewing etc…).
    3. Game Otaku –Game Otaku spend much of their time playing games. They usually establish social connections in virtual worlds with people they may never physically meet.
    4. Robot Otaku – Robot Otaku are interested in popular culture related to robots. They may also take interest in robot research. In extreme cases, they’re involved in building robots (as a hobby).This is the reason why Japanese robots are frighteningly advanced.
    5. Wapanese – Wapanese comes from the English “Want to be Japanese”. They are non-Japanese people who have an obsessive interest in multiple aspects of Japanese culture. They may develop an incredibly positive view of Japan that’s somewhat unrealistic. Some even become skilled at Japanese language and/or martial arts.
    6. Voice Actress Otaku (Seiyuu Otaku)-One of the many sub-types of Anime Otaku. Seiyuu Otaku are obsessed with the voice actors and actresses from Anime productions. (A bit creepy huh…)This ends the chronicles of otaku culture. Since the boring part has come to an end. Let’s get down to partying (otaku style!!), that is Comic Con.

    I’m sure you have seen numerous profile pics popping up in your notifications with the tag #comiccon and #hyderabad with taglines like “Ohhh…It’s me with Kakashi” or “Do you know who is she cosplaying??”(It’s Sakura Shinnojou dammit!!)
    For the people who had the misfortune of not attending this year’s Comic Con (reasons ranging from not knowing what Comic Con is all about to getting bedridden because of being reckless while playing football) I am here to give you something for you imagination about what happened in this year’s Hyderabad Comic Con.

    Comic book aficionados, fans, and cosplayers got a glimpse of a plethora of comic books, collectibles, games and artwork. Spiderman, Iron Man and Superman were just a sampling of the fantasy heroes featured in comic books, graphic novels, games and posters at the various vendors. The audience gathered there consisted of those 100% authentic otakus unlike those self-proclaimed hardcore fans, parents who got dragged along just because his/her child happens to be a huge otaku himself and the wide eyed first timers watching shyly behind their horn-rimmed glasses at waitresses hurrying about in black Minnie Mouse shoes and lacy, racy mini-dresses inspired by Japanese comics.

The collectables section which consists of prized items ranging from air guns and model battleships to anime characters in sexual poses, the “One Ring” and miniature Godzilla’s. Those mouth-watering GOT and BGT merchandise which makes you desperate to empty your wallet.



Most importantly no mortal nerd is able to resist the siren’s call of the cosplay girl. Look, I get it, it’s impossible not to notice the army of attractive females clad in little more than spandex, body paint and the most famous of them all the ones in maid costumes (Maid-sama remember!) .Just maybe try to be a little more discrete about your admiration.

If you’re a fast walker, Comic-Con is a goddamn nightmare, particularly near the stalls or where the cosplayers are hanging out. Some folks don’t walk so much as amble, dumbfounded before the spandex sirocco swirling around them. They’ll pause mid-footfall to gawp at an Assassins Creed sword or to soberly appraise a Cat woman cosplayer whose only resemblance with the actual character is the colour of her outfitor to click selfies with those doe-eyed anime character cosplayers.Whatever be the case the aisles can and will be clogged.

But at least there’s an ebb and flow to these crowds the same can’t be said of the panel queues. Even panels on the smaller stages, can see burly waits.
Unless you’re one of those total maniacs who goes to Comic-Con solely for comic book panels, expect to spend a good chunk of your hard-earned otaku pilgrimage queuing up.

At the end of the day you are left with lots of pics with some of the hottest girls, satisfaction that you didn’t miss all the fun and oh yaa no money left to go back home.

Hajas! (You speak Dothraki?!)

Anudeep Titti


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