Next Gen Regionalism

Being born in the modernized generation where everything is technology and knowledge based, I am held at awe, at how we still hold on to some stupid ideas from our previous generation. The rule which the British introduced long ago and is still being used by the politicians of our era, is now being simply followed even by our generation.

Yeah, I am talking about regionalism. The British brought in the idea of ‘Divide and Rule’ and we sincerely follow it to date. I was however really hopeful against my best judgment that our generation, the modernized generation, is immune to it.

So imagine my surprise when I found out discrimination still exists and that too in our country’s reputed colleges that are so called the face and future of India. If so is India still going to be split by initially politicians and later by our own students and later by our 10 year old kids? Is this the way India is progressing and is this the masked way to show progress of our country?

Let leave the country for a minute and concentrate on the students’ community. We are the future of our country and I really hope that we could bring this country upward by our technology and innovations and get the work done. However when regionalism comes in, I am horrified to see that the best of ideas is torn to pieces because we are divided.

We, the educated, of all people should know what is right and wrong and when we are talking about greener earth, innovation, technology, rural development, education to all, we should remember that united we stand and divided we fall. Our satellite that was launched had a team that consisted of all races of people culturally divided yet united by their ambition. To achieve the India we are dreaming right now of, we need to stay united and look at the bigger picture here, literally.

-Preethi Sekar


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