I could hear the wind blow..
long before it would rain..
To feel the cold wind on my face
is like freedom’s embrace.
It brought to me the message
that music was awaiting me in the open passage..
As I stepped out into the dark
I could see, but little,
of the raindrops that would sparkle
as the light caught them.
I just couldn’t understand the tangle of emotion
and each in it craving my attention
It resembled the undecided direction
that the wind thought would bring the rain to perfection
sometimes towards me…sometimes away..
So carefree
Just the way I want to be..
I reached out my hand to feel
the cool, clear water and let it reel
on my skin so that my very soul would know
that summers are about to go.
But something sopped me, I wondered what..
was I afraid?…of life…?
But then I brought my hand out
and let it rain all about
It was soft and light
while the drops sparkled as diamonds might
My hand was stretched out as if to hold someone
and a faint memory of some photographs one-on-one
flashed in my mind
as if pushed from behind
It was of a time I did not share
It was a precious moment lost
And now those people in my memory will not care
And to whose cost but to mine
would it be to remember an older time
when I would not have been afraid
to create a charade…
had only they been here.
But just as the summers left, so will the rains and so will I
And I would not have to remember them or say goodbye..for I am hopeful
that just as the summers would return and so would the rains..
I would be given a chance to say-
“Hello!” again!

-Anindita Ghosh


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