Editor’s Note

Welcome back!
It’s been a long hiatus and God, are we excited to see you guys again! You’ve braved the tumultuous seas of a gazillion papers and assignments and rode high on the much deserved break. Now it’s time to settle into the groove. Back to status quo? Maybe not. The Lexicon has had its own time for retrospection and received a makeover of sorts. For those among you, who are lovers of the eternal pursuit of ‘constructing intelligibility out of the randomness experienced’ in day-to-day life, we have poems strung word by word to cater to your sensibilities, rhyming or not. The second chapter of the brilliantly enticing ‘Muka-bis and the Snowbird Affair’ has arrived for the fans of this novella and for the first time, we have opened our doors to outside authors, who in turn have responded overwhelmingly to afford us two of our finest pieces. The exuberance of youth though predominant in this issue, the seeds of sagacity are here. We have been known to make you laugh, but sit tight and enjoy the ride as we tug at those heart strings and titillate those synapses.


Teesta Dasgupta

Ganesh Mahidhar

Arun Balajie

Anudeep Titti

Nagarjun Srinivasan

Anoop K Chandran

Anindita Ghosh

Utsab Ray


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