Blow off some steam: you earned it

Okay, it’s the week after mid-sems and holidays and unlike many, I have to pull up my socks and get my game on – because, I had just one exam and have a lot of work to catch up with. Nevertheless, I live to work hard, play harder! So, don’t expect me to spoil your mood with a sour article, I’m here to lighten you all up.

It just has become more than ordinary for me to hang out in the city with a tight circle of friends nowadays. Cash flows out of my pocket, like water, but, like they say, I’m having the time of my life. That one week of intense study seems to make one feel so purposeful, that it suffices to forget to study for the rest of the month and only to remember it one more time (you know when !!).

In the meantime, there’s a lot one can do. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you wait for that last day
of exams to come, only to stay awake late in the night playing multiplayer FPSes. Oh wait! isn’t that what I wanted to do? But, before I can get to the game I doze off, coz there’s no exam tomorrow for me to prepare the whole night for. Ah sleep! Kick off the boots, lie down, close your eyes and be held in her warm embrace! REM – sweet mother of god. For something more worthwhile, well there were a couple of things happening this weekend- that online treasure hunt, that Comic Con, that fest of a college nearby. And then there will be singing. Ah the wait for the Open Mic!
That reminds me, now that exams are over I can on all the late night movie marathons, catch up with live updates of Asian Games ISL, F1, the tennis premier league, oh there’s so much! And I was planning on formatting my lappy’s harddrive, installing some crazy linux distro and binge watch my favourite TV series (caution: detrimental to health) till I need an intervention. And while I want to do all this, I’m planning on reading two fatass novels(or 3?I can’t remember) , learn drums, chat with strangers, attempt to blog sensibly. Oh well, this is just a wishlist. And a wishlist means nothing until I manage to tick some of those off. I see some people playing soccer in the street. I let my hair down, pull my socks up, wear those boots and run off to the kick ass (not ball you see ))!!

Arun Balajie


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