Be Careful what you wish for

(Because you just might get it)

The universe is a giant wish granting factory. A humongous, decidedly insane being which acts like a Santa Claus on the outside, but with the personality of the Joker (For Arasu like souls- The Why so Serious joker, not the not so serious ones. :P). Why this sudden blasphemy, you say? Why this unnecessary hatred towards something I’ve been at relative peace with so far?

Just last week, after the relentless assault on the mind and body which inevitably results in a temporary psychological depression and unavoidable remorse that you call mid semesters, I’d sat on the roof of a house on the sea shore looking at airplanes pretending they were shooting stars (Yes, yes, a B.o.B reference B) ) – and made a wish. I wished I had a week more of holidays to chill a little more, and not to have to do with assignments and everything else. You know, just one of those regular rhetorical wishes which are made in false hope. Just for the sake of wishing and not any real hope.

Fast forward to the Monday evening before the reopening. (Yes, I came back an evening early. No real hope, remember?)

Um, fast forward a little more.

Location: Sharat Stadium.

Time: A little beyond dusk.

Mood: Definitely excited. It had been long since I played football.

The ground loomed towards me as if poised to kiss. And as any respectful lover would, I met her with grace. Closed my eyes (scrunched them up in fear would be more accurate, though I won’t admit to doing that) and tilted my head a little to stay in pose. It was a brief kiss, the briefest I ever had. It left me breathing heavily, on my knees, and my legs feeling like jelly. The earth is a passionate and demanding lover to have, and it broke my leg. I’d say heart, but it broke my leg, really.I hobbled back to the hostel rejected by a lover who left me in such pain. I had an apple right then to keep the doctor away. But really, I went to see him the next day, so he couldn’t really keep away.

And lo, the universe acted. A week’s extension to my holidays with free pain and a plaster of paris cast which looked like a fat, ugly fake foot. But then, missing classes didn’t really bother me, I’d have probably not attended anything anyway. What bothered me was the universe took the liberty to add some unasked for gifts. Like deciding my weekend plans for the weekend after that. And making sure I wasn’t at Comic Con where the rest of the world was taking a break from being at Sharda University. Well, karma is a bitch. I should probably have been more specific. Asked to have Comic Con every day of the week for me. Ha, I’d like to see it grant that now. Well, I’ll probably become a wish asking lawyer after a dozen more broken bones. And I’ll probably win some cases too.  But on the other hand, I’d probably be long dead by then. So unless you’re Sherlock Holmes and find Moriarty like challenges entertaining, you shouldn’t probably ask the universe any wishes. Or ask it vanilla stuff. In any case, lesson learnt. No asking airplanes wishes with feels like BoB. Let’s get back to being mango people.

-Ganesh Mahidhar


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