The darker side of College

“Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Did you study?”   ”I totally completely absolutely left the second question.” “She didn’t even teach that topic.” “Do you think I’ll get partial marks for (insert bullshit that was dumped on the paper)?” “ANOTHER test??????!!!!!!!??????”

ME:  “Fuq da exams.”  “YOLO, bitches.”  “Lite le.” “STFUB”

This was my mentality for the past 1 and a half months. But after screwing up in pretty much every test held so far and watching others NOT screw up, I realize a paradigm shift would help me out a bit. Of course, I have been warned, but – like my tests – I never took the warnings seriously.

I came to this sudden realization just recently after a big wave struck out college. It’s a regular occurrence for the seniors but new to the freshers. Yeah, I’m talking about the mid-semesters. My seniors have left me completely dumbfounded with their reactions to the wave. I learnt something about them that I would have never expected at all.

They’re all studious! When it comes to mid-terms, all other aspects of life come to a screeching halt. Every one of them – the cool, the calm, the crazy, the condescending and the courters – shiver at the very thought of exams. They fret and sweat from days before to the final seconds. They cram and jam everything into their *cough* RAM.

I was almost disappointed. But then again, I’m just a newbie to the world of college suffering – what do I know? Well, I guess this is just another reality I’m gonna have to face: you really have to study for exams like your life depends on it, whether you (like it) or not.

Now, the trend is changing. We have Fractals!  Yay!

No more mid-terms! No more chilling through the semester and pulling your hair out only when the exams come!

We have tests every week. We have to keep up our pace and make sure we can take in everything the Profs dish out at us. We’re mostly surprised when there isn’t a surprise test in class. I’m not sure if we should be grateful or distressed.

Some of the seniors envy us and some look at us with sneers on their faces. Some tell us we’re so lucky and others pity us. I’m just super- duper say that courses that I am disinterested in.

The downside is that we have to be alert throughout the entire year. Like, the Profs can now screw us whenever they get angry – they don’t have to wait for half a semester anymore. I guess it’s all the better for them.

But on a serious note.

I feel happier about my education. It shouldn’t be about cramming right before an exam. It’s about how deep you understand the subject and how deep you put it in your brain. Our performance shouldn’t be determined by a few sheets of paper we had for a few hours on one day. I think this continuous evaluation will help us enjoy (or hate) the subject more and enhance our learning.

I’ve always been disappointed with my school education. I flew through exams without studying (and without crashing), topping my class. But everyone else was cramming everything right before the exams. My school didn’t focus on important areas like doing research by yourself and communication skills or how well you understood the subject (the JEE didn’t really do that, either). I was utterly disappointed when I found out that the trend continued in college. I felt that we shouldn’t have big exams at the end which decided our grades and our future.

I’m happy I have fractals. But I realize I still have to listen to class carefully and revise properly for exams. Our tests are like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the exams our seniors had are like the Tsar Bomba. I now have to get started on patching up my CGPA.

So anyways, ending a long article filled up with up with personal experiences and immature (and haughty) opinions: I’m grateful a few subjects are just 1 credit.

Arasu Arun


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