Of Semesters and Beyond

DISCLAIMER: All characters in this rant are creations of my own head. Any resemblance to real life is only coincidental and not significant.


“Number a- Manufacturing is all about not making up stuff like I’m making up now because I don’t really remember what the professor said.

Number b- I’m not going to write another sentence full of worthless crap so move on and read the rest. Oh wait, but I just did. Cheers.”

But wait- I do remember one thing. He said “NUMBER A” and “NUMBER B”. And that’s all I could think of as the professor droned on about the mysteries of a subject whose name I cannot recollect now. A and B are not NUMBERS. PERIOD. And that was all I could think of. That is it. The entirety of my scope of thoughts at that point of time.

This isn’t a one off occurrence. Happens every time I try to concentrate. But wait- world domination. There had to be some secret to that, I knew-


Fuck, no. Not me. He knew I was plotting world domination, that I intend to subjugate him and the rest of the world before my all conquering- something. I cannot even- ENGLISH! Panic.

I stood up. Half of the class was disinterested. The other half was sleeping. There was this brilliant patch on the wall which looked like an eye in a pyramid. Yes, the all seeing eye. Or was it the symbol for alchemy? I don’t know man. I really don’t.

I think he asked me something. He was shaking his head in reproach and ranting about the inability of students to concentrate in class.

We do concentrate, he doesn’t understand. Only on different things. The curves, the neck and the rise. Get your heads out of the gutter, y’all. I was talking about the bottle on the table. No. I know what you were thinking of. Don’t even try.

He told me to sit down and concentrate. And I’m concentrating. Only on things that he doesn’t want me to concentrate on. But all I look at is modern art. Finding art in daily life should be rewarded. It really should. That crack on the wall that looks like the deathly hallows symbol. I should really stop seeing symbols everywhere. They might be omens- portents for something to happen.

*nudge, nudge*

That skinny dude who always sits beside me asks me what my plans for today are. He does that to me every day.

“How about we go out for a bit and I behead you and bring back your head as a souvenir?”

The guy goes wide eyed and slowly backs away. I should stop vocalizing my thoughts- I really should.


Ganesh Mahidhar


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