I’ll fail if!

For me this time there is just one mid-semester exam (yeah, you read it right) so I probably will not feel the stress. But, there was a time when I had many. And I might have had one or two of these superstitions myself. This is not an exhaustive list because everybody has their quirks. And also, this is comparison of superstitions that were popular in school days, but have probably turned on their heads now.

  1. Going to the temple nearby. Atheist or not, there is this time of the semester you visit the temple regularly, to beseech the Gods (for whatever reasons)!! You fail to do this, you are bound to fail. Or so you think.
  2. Waiting for the call from their parents or close relatives before the exam. Many would probably agree to this. Blessings are of paramount importance for an engineer to write well. How many times have you blamed them for not wishing if you couldn’t do well in the exam??
  3. Taking that route or that bus to the exam center. May not work at IITH, but a quirky superstition, nevertheless.
  4. Watching your favorite TV show/channel before leaving for the exam. As a kid, I used to watch ‘Sarabhai vs Sarabhai’ before leaving for my board exams. And trust me, there’s nothing better than doing that before an exam. This would probably be one superstition which is more science than superstition.
  5. Writing the exams with only one ‘lucky’ pen. And when you inevitably lose that lucky pen on the day of the third or fourth exam, you screw up the other exams. An excuse for doing bad in papers that you probably flunked because you had to party early.
  6. If allowed, sitting at the ‘lucky’ bench (no explanations needed).
  7. Leaving the first page of the answer sheet/booklet blank so that the remaining pages/sides will not be. Well, that was probably school. Now, if the first page is blank, there’s a fair chance that the subsequent pages would be blank too.
  8. Wasting at least an hour on the day before the exam because only then you will excel. We waste a lot more than one hour and still don’t manage to excel. I wonder why.
  9. If you do not bathe/wear a ‘lucky’ shirt to the exam, keep your fingers crossed then. Most often, reported incidents at college show that this one shirt probably would belong to a friend since no one seems to have those many pairs of clean clothes any more.
  10. Preparing from the same slides, but not on your laptop. This one is unique to college life. Preparation somehow seems incomplete and pointless without that one single element of a student’s existence at IITH.

-Arun Balajie


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