I should be studying right now

Brace yourself! The midsems are coming!

Whether you’re a debutant or a pro, there’s no escaping them. Ask a pro and he would prefer the Kobayashi Maru over any of his course exams. Why are the midsems so dreaded? What is it that we do wrong? What makes these midsems such a significant date in our calendar of terrors? Ideally, we should all be studying. Ideally, indeed.

“Studying? No way! We’re too cool for that.”

This reality check reveals what we actually do:

  1. Facebook, the ultimate distraction – Come exam season, and you’ll find yourself more bored than a lunar rock. Fret not; here comes Zuckerberg to the rescue! Log in to Facebook anytime over the next few weeks and you’ll be amazed at the ingenious (and hilarious) posts in your news feed. From digging up old, embarrassing statuses and pictures from each other’s timeline to spamming one guy with silly posts and a few hundred comments, the list is endless.
  2. Picture a room filled with a dozen people. That’s a dozen brains trying very hard to focus on the books and slides. TRYING. And then a voice breaks the deafening silence. “Anyone up for a game of volleyball?” There goes that precariously-balanced false sense of focus. No course content can ever provide a better adrenaline sink than those midnight matches of volleyball.
  3. Plan post-exam excursions – The amount of planning that goes behind these post-exam excursions will make an outsider wonder which planet we’re sending man to.

“Shall we go to Goa or Pondicherry? Is a bus cheaper than a train? What form of lodging would be best? Is it worth spending a few hundred more to save an hour of travel time?”

All these questions are way more important than Calculus 101.

  1. Doing nothing – Sometimes, when you realise the futility of your efforts and abandon all hope, you begin to see the world like never before. Even staring at the tree outside your window is more interesting than turning the pages of your book. It is in these moments of “enlightenment” that you’re most captivated by the beauties of God’s creation.
  2. Read blogs on The IITH Lexicon. You’re doing it right now. Enough said.
  3. Gossip! We all do it, we all love it. With attention spans the size of teaspoons, it doesn’t take much for a conversation to go from Fluid Mechanics to your roommate’s crush. Once you’re there, then it’s all downhill.

Well, here’s the bottom line. We’re downright lazy. Anything that keeps us (maggus excluded) from studying, catches our attention. We are what we do, and what we do is not very productive.

-Arish Ojaswi


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