Editor’s Note #3

Hey everyone!

The past fifteen days have been a whirlwind of activity, quizzes (both the academic and non academic ones), events and much more that we have enjoyed, taken part in and tried to share with you guys. So now, for one last time, before you embark on the final journey to mug up everything that’s listed on the textbooks to read slide, or at least trying to, here’s a little something that would probably take the stress off a little. A little something for those who want to procrastinate a little more and those who are simply tired of studying, and others who are vexed of watching other people study. Here’s to mid sems, the good, the bad and the worse.

We also have the first part of a novel that a mate of ours sent us- the first chapter of an engrossing and enthralling narrative- Mukasa Bis and the Snowbird Affair. Thank you, Utsab, for that. So, we hope this is as entertaining as the earlier issues, probably even more so. Like the social trend goes, Mug Strong, or not,


Teesta Dasgupta

Nagarjun Srinivasan

Arasu Arun

Sneha Reddy

Arun Balajie

Ganesh Mahidhar

Arish Ojaswi

Anindita Ghosh


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