Alumni Feature

IITH batch of 2012, you are the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. This is usually the stuff you say to your ‘the one’, but I am sure I will find better things to say :P. I feel very bad at not being there among you all on this wonderful day. The amount of fun I had with you guys can never be replicated. I have never seen so much energy again in my life so far. A big “Whoop” to all my friends present there in the Alumni meet. I am sure even with your potbellies, you all are rocking hard to the tunes to bring back the atmosphere of years past. Miss you all!!

I have no idea what to write here. So I will start with describing how my past two years after IITH have been. I graduated from Texas A&M recently with a Masters in Computer Engg (just a filler guys, no boasting :P). To be frank was it disastrous? No. Was it awesome and smooth as butter? No. It was a mixed, sweet and salty ride for me. I met wonderful people, made some awesome friends, and had lots of fun exploring the new country with them. The best thing about Masters apart from getting a higher degree, was being a student for a couple more years. All you office guys getting up at 8AM can be jealous of me. I had a December break, a spring break, and a four month summer vacation also :P. Okay don’t envy me so much, I am joining the corporate world soon.

I have lived in Texas for the past two years. No I have never seen a Cowboy with a hat and a spur ride by. Beer is very cheap and kept me going BUURRRRP. The summers and springs are hot IYKWIM. The Masters’, unlike B. tech which was like a fling with academics, was more like a committed relationship with academics. Well you should ask a PhD person who I am sure would describe it as marriage with academics or sometimes even with a prof! No criticism guys. I wish I had so much patience to pursue research. Cowboy Hats off to you. However I learned a great deal, my knowledge of the subject became very profound and I am a very confident person today. I am very glad to be continuing my career with technology. I can, with certainty say that I made a big progress in every department of my life.

I have always debated with myself on whether I had made a good choice of coming to the United States. Many have asked my opinion on what to do after graduation. Let me say what I feel about this. Even today when I look back I doubt myself. They say ‘do what your heart says’. How clichéd yet true. I realized that if I’d stayed back, I would’ve regretted it wondering how it would have been had I made this journey. Well today I will say it’s been one the best choices I have made. My journey has been very fruitful and adventurous. Yes Bilbo Baggins adventurous. No Dragons breathing fire-yet arduous and wonderful in its own way. There is nothing like a wrong decision here. You have to make your choice count. Just go and explore. It will be difficult. It will make you a better person. Learn new things, meet new people, and visit unseen places.

‘Wo Tooti chaarpaai aur Thandi purvaai hamesha rahenge rastaa dekhe’. What I mean is, your comfortable home will always be there to greet you.

Shantanu Deshpande

(Editor’s note: for all those wondering, we can con­firm-thanks to Google-that this is a line from the song Kabira from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. No, we too don’t know from where Shantanu suddenly got this taste for Hindi poetry)

From the first edition of the Alumni Magazine- Reminisce. Though we do not republish works, this just had to be done.


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